Cancer Type: NSCLC
Date: 2016-06-21 09:27:48
Number of samples:
Total mutations:
Driver mutations: (known: predicted: )
Biomarkers of the tumor:
Biomarkers in other tumors:

  The results of the analysis may take a while even if only few mutations are submitted. Please, check the examples to have an overview of the CGI results.

09:32:50 INFO: Running mutation analysis with OncodriveMUT
09:32:52 INFO: Processing the mutations input file
09:32:52 INFO: The detected format is gtf
09:32:52 WARNING: The ref and alt alleles will be complemented depending on the strand column content
09:32:52 INFO: Annotating the nucleotide mutations to protein coordinates per transcript
Running TransVar (22 seconds, 28791 microseconds ago)
09:33:15 WARNING: There are 3 mutations that can not be mapped to a certain gene transcript
09:33:15 INFO: Selecting one transcript per gene for annotation..
09:33:16 INFO: Retrieving CADD scores
Running CADD (1 minute, 44 seconds ago)
09:35:08 INFO: Matching with several metadata files
09:35:10 INFO: Running the driver prediction
09:35:10 INFO: Considering as sample specific the 245 driver genes of tumors: LUAD,NSCLC,LUSC
09:35:10 INFO: File created with 238 entries: driver_prediction_mutations.tsv
09:35:10 INFO: Arranging the output
09:35:10 WARNING: There are 4 input mutations that have been not processed due to format/mapping problems
09:35:10 INFO: File created with 233 entries: mutation_analysis.tsv
09:35:11 INFO: Summary of the results created summary.tsv
09:35:11 INFO: Alteration analysis finished
09:35:11 INFO: Running drug prescription
09:35:11 INFO: TCGI prescription version 1.0.0
09:35:11 INFO: Biomarkers v1.0 build 20160620
09:35:11 INFO: Bioactivities v1.0 build 20160618
09:35:11 INFO: Cancer types v1.0 build 20160610
09:35:11 INFO: Loading biomarkers
09:35:11 INFO: Loading bioactivities
09:35:11 INFO: Loading alterations
09:35:11 INFO: Checking prescriptions
09:35:12 INFO: Write biomarkers results
09:35:12 INFO: Write bioactivities results
09:35:12 INFO: Prescription finished
09:35:12 INFO: Compress results